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About Adam and Eve

adam and eve coupon codesAdam and Eve was formed in 1970 in Hillsborough, North Carolina. It was formed by two medical students at the University of North Carolina who originally sold contraceptives through a mail-order catalog. The company was designed to support a separate non-profit organization devoted to family-planning programs in many developing countries.

Over the years, Adam and Eve has evolved from having many physical locations near college campuses to having its own website. The company sells a large variety of products to this day and also supports two non-profits that the company launched. These are Population Services International and DKT International, organizations that work towards family planning and safe sex in growing countries as well as HIV/AIDS protection.

What Toys & Adult Products does Adam and Eve Offer?

Today people can order all sorts of items on the Adam and Eve website. The site focuses primarily on sex toys including vibrators, dildos, anal toys, penis rings and pumps and even pieces of furniture used to facilitate sex.

There are many other sections of the site for people to take a look at. Customers can buy all sorts of lingerie products for both women and men. There is also a full section of adult movies for sale including how-to guides, couples features, lesbian films, MILF movies and even some amusing porn parodies. Customers can even shop a full section devoted to lubes and oils.

Using the Adam and Eve Website

It is rather easy for customers to take a look at the products that are available on this website. Customers can get to the individual sections on the front page and mouse over them to find information on all the individual spaces that each section has to offer. It only takes one click to go from the front page to get to a page for prostate toys for men, for instance.

Each section has a number of products for sale and will be easy to search through based on many characteristics. People can search for products based on the functions involved, their sizes, colors and brand names among other things.

Each product has its own description and pricing details. People can even read reviews from past customers who want to share information on their experiences with their products.

It is also easy for people to find products that are on sale. In addition to looking at the individual product entries to see what values are open, customers can also go to the Sale/Clearance section on the front page to learn about what products are discounted. This section can be found near the top right corner of the website.

Individual items also have recommendations on what customers might desire. The “You May Also Need” section is convenient in that people will receive details on specific products that could go well with something in particular. These are option products to buy but they often make the base product a little more useful if they are used right.

Adam and Eve Commercials

Adam and Eve Sex Toys TV Shopping Show Commercial ‘Coupon Code’ for

SororityGirls Adam & Eve Productions Exclusive COMING SOON Trailer

Ordering Items & Free Shipping from Adam and Eve

It is very easy for customers to order items off of this website. First, a customer just has to click on the Add to Cart section of a product page to order the product in particular.

The customer can then pay for items by choosing one of a number of different payment options. In addition to buying products with all major credit cards, people can also use their PayPal accounts to send money over to get their products paid for right away.

People can also choose one of many different shipping options. A customer can go with a standard shipping option where it will take 10 to 14 business days for an order to be sent out. An express service that takes three to five days for delivery a next-day shipping option can also be used but it costs more to get shipping if the process is to be used faster.

Customers can also return their items within 90 days of a purchase. A customer can get an alternate product, a replacement to the product or a full refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product. The site makes it easier for products to be returned as needed as a customer can return the product to an Adam and Eve location or through the mail.

Special Adam and Eve Deals & Promotions

Adam and Eve has many special deals for people to take advantage of. The best way to find these deals is to visit the Sale/Clearance section on the top right corner of the page. The discounts that people can get from this part of the site will vary based on what one wants to get but these discounts can be worth at least half off of the total value of the product.

People can even get free gifts depending on what they order. Customers who spend $39 or more can get a free G-Spot Kit, for instance.

There are also a number of deals where people can utilize promotional codes. Many of these promo codes can be found on the Adam and Eve website. For example, if a customer uses the promo code 69SHIP then the customer will get free shipping for orders that are $69 or more in value as well as a free mystery toy or DVD. Still, it is often best for customers to find these codes on some third party websites.

The site also has an email newsletter where customers can get email updates on different things at the site including special discounts and information on new products. The email club has its own special deal. People who sign up can get discounts of $10 off of an order.

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Adam and Eve has been at the forefront of sex toys and other products for years and today customers can easily find all sorts of useful and enjoyable adult products on its website. Be sure to check out the site to see what’s available and to look for different discounts as needed. The offers that are available for customers to use will certainly be of interest.

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