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Vistaprint Review

vistaprint 50% off and free shipping There’s always a need for small businesses and other entities to create marketing products that they can easily utilize. These include business cards, postcards, magnets and even websites. People who need help with creating invitations and other special messages will need assistance with getting them created and mailed out too. Today all of these people can contact Vistaprint for help. Vistaprint is based out of the Netherlands and has offices in many parts of the world including the United States. It was formed in 1995 as a company devoted to providing people with promotional printing and marketing services. Vistaprint particularly caters to small businesses.

The company has evolved over the years to offer online website creation services and support for creating custom shirts. Today Vistaprint has three printing facilities in the world including one in Windsor, Ontario. There are nearly four thousand employees who are hired by Vistaprint today and the company is also listed with NASDAQ under the symbol VPRT.

What Vistaprint Offers

Vistaprint has a series of useful sections that provide customers with access to all the different products they could ask for. Vistaprint particularly puts a strong emphasis on business cards. Customers can order all sorts of different kinds of business cards ranging from traditional cards to ones with glossy designs, raised print, metallic finishes and folded bodies.

In addition to business cards, customers can also order many kinds of marketing materials like brochures, postcards, flyers and shipping labels. Magnets for promotional purposes can also be ordered. Larger products may be ordered as needed including yard signs, banners and posters. People can even order custom ink stamps from Vistaprint.

People can also order invitations and stationery products. These include documents that can be adjusted with many kinds of colors and patterns in mind. Vistaprint has individual sections for things like wedding invitations, birth announcements and holiday-themed choices.

Clothing products are available as well. People can order large quantities of custom-made shirts, hats and tote bags.

Websites can even be designed through the website. Vistaprint has support by providing clients with custom-designed websites based on the images that customers submit. Each site is professionally designed with added quality in mind. Email marketing solutions are also available as needed.

Using the Vistaprint Website

People can find information on different products by simply moving a cursor over an individual product on the top of the page and by clicking on the right link. Customers can then select the individual styles that they want to shop for and then select an appropriate design template.

Next, the customer can upload an appropriate image to use for the product. This can include an image file that features the logo of a business or a picture that someone took with a digital camera among other items. Vistaprint accepts a large variety of different file formats including Adobe Photoshop, GIF, JPG and BMP image formats just to name a few.

The customer can then review a projected image of a product to see how it will look after the proper file has been uploaded. The customer can also adjust the image based on what might be required.

The site makes it very easy for customers to compare what they can order and to then preview items before ordering them. The goal is to allow people to understand what is open.

Ordering Products from

After a customer finds an item to order from Vistaprint and uploads the image, the customer can then adjust the product to create a good image. The ordering process is very easy to manage as it will involve a sensible setup.

First, the customer can choose the appropriate number of items that can be ordered at a given time. This can include dozens or even hundreds of copies of something at once.

The customer can then choose to get all of these items delivered to one’s door or to have them mailed out to clients. A mailing list may be uploaded to Vistaprint to support the shipping process. This works best when it is used with a CSV or TXT file if the right column headers are used. Vistaprint also has an Excel mailing list template that can be downloaded and sorted to simplify the mailing process.

All payments can be made online through a credit card transaction or by getting a paper check sent out. PayPal payments are also accepted on this site.

Special Vistaprint Deals & Promotions

Vistaprint has many different specials for customers to benefit from. These can be found on the top right corner of the website.

These discounts will vary based on when the customer shops here. These include deals where people can get 15% off of note cards and checks when they are ordered in large quantities.

Promo codes are often available for Vistaprint’s services but these are easier to find off of third party websites. For example,  a customer will get 50% off of an entire order. This is as of November 2015 and the offers that are available do vary; in fact, the offers listed here are effective in 2016.

Discounted postage is often available for many shipping procedures. This is thanks to Vistaprint presorting all of the things that it mails. Therefore, a customer could save up to 10% on shipping procedures when compared to what one would get when shipping items on one’s own.


Vistaprint is a very beneficial website for people who need help with all sorts of different materials for promotional purposes as well as those who want websites or invitations for different needs. The vast variety of products for sale is impressive and it is very easy for people to order the items that they want. Be sure to try this site out when looking for ways to get different products ready for any kind of marketing or promotional need.

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